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Outline for a Bright Energy Future

At the Photosynthetic Antenna Research Center, investigators collaborate to harvest light and transform natural plant systems into efficient renewable energy sources.

A Visual Reporter

Art Professor Douglas B. Dowd searches the social landscape, interpreting aspects of culture in his new illustrated magazine, Spartan Holiday.

Aligned With Artists’ Aspirations

Alumnus Steven Beer, JD, focuses on helping artists, from big names to independents, gain control over their careers.

A Coach’s Drive: About More Than Winning

With five national and 19 UAA championships, statistics speak to the success of women’s basketball coach and Hall-of-Famer, Nancy Fahey; yet they tell only part of the story.


Researchers study plant mechanisms to cultivate renewable energy.

D.B. Dowd is leading an illustration renaissance.

Steven Beer, JD, helps artist gain control over careers.

Coach Fahey focuses on building relationships; winning comes as a result.


‘L’Étoile’ of St. Louis Immersion Learning

Wanting her children and others to grow up bilingual, alumna Rhonda Broussard founded the St. Louis Language Immersion Schools, where students learn in Spanish or French.


A Guiding Hand

James E. McLeod (1944–2011), who passed away Sept. 6, 2011, touched the lives of countless students and alumni as dean of the College of Arts & Sciences.


Brave New Workplace

Law Professor Pauline Kim explores the ever-morphing boundaries of employment law.


The Leading EDGE™ in Biotechnology

Alumni Chas Eggert (left), president and CEO, and Mike Lynch, MD/PhD, co-founder and chief scientific officer, aim to compete globally in the bioproducts industry by implementing proprietary technology.




Volunteering Gives Disabled Veterans New Lease on Life

Brown School researchers discover The Mission Continues Fellowship Program helps disabled veterans re-engage in society. At press time, a university alumnus helped organize a parade to welcome home veterans; the Welcome Home Foundation is giving a portion of the parade’s proceeds to support The Mission Continues organization.


Natural Compound Reverses Diabetes in Mice

Medical school researchers have restored normal blood sugar metabolism in diabetic mice using a compound the body makes naturally.


Green Hall Adds to Innovative Engineering Education

Preston M. Green Hall is home to the Preston M. Green Department of Electrical & Systems Engineering as well as the headquarters for the International Center for Advanced Renewable Energy & Sustainability.




Restaurateur Serves Up Authentic Chinese

Since graduating, Jason Wang, BSBA ’09, is helping take his father’s New York restaurant, Xi’an Famous Foods, to a new level of success.


Investing in People: Key to Realizing Potential

Howard Wood, BSBA ’61, is a successful businessman in the telecommunications, real estate and cattle ranching industries. A scholarship recipient himself, he enjoys helping current students reach their potential.


A&D Launches New Website

Looking for a new way to stay connected to the Washington University community? Visit the new A&D website,



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